A well-defined governance structure with employer-selected representatives provides direction and oversight to the corporation and its products and services.  Farm Credit Foundations governing bodies include:    

  • Board of Directors

  • Plan Sponsor Committee

  • Trust Committee

  • Advisory Council 

Board of Directors

The Board of Director provides the governance and oversight of Farm Credit Foundations. The Board is made up of six managers and six elected/appointed directors from among the owners of Foundations, and provides strategic oversight and direction for Farm Credit Foundations. When the Board was established, it was determined that the same owner representatives who were elected to serve on the Plan Sponsor Committee will also serve on the Board. These are distinct roles, held separate and apart from one another. Utilizing the same incumbents creates efficiencies and cost effectiveness from a time and administration, travel and meeting expenses, etc.


Plan Sponsor Committee

The Plan Sponsor Committee (PSC) governs the employee benefits. The PSC wears the employer hat and determines what benefits are to be offered, who is eligible, under what conditions, etc. The PSC membership has six managers and six elected/appointed directors from among the owners of Foundations. PSC members also serve on the Board of Directors.


Trust Committee

The nine-member Trust Committee wears the employee hat and serves as the fiduciary for the benefits plans and trust assets, hires and monitors the performance of the fund managers, and oversees the administration of the plans. The Trust Committee is made up of nine manager Trustees chosen by employer groups across Foundations.


Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is made up of nine HR leaders elected to represent participating employers on day-to-day operational issues and to ensure effective two-way communication between the employers’ HR staffs and the Foundations team. The Council helps align operations with employer expectations, and provides valuable perspective on key issues that shape the delivery of products and services.

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