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When a family member has sleep apnea

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Complete Your Online Health Assessment Now!

May 21, 2015

If you have already completed your online Health Assessment for HealthyReturns, that is great! You are now on your way to the take action phase of the program.
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Good to KnowSnack Attacks – Make it Healthy

May 19, 2015

You are racing home from work with no time to eat a decent meal before your softball practice. What healthy snack can you eat to keep your teammates from hearing your stomach rumbling in the outfield?

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Improve Your Finances, Improve Your Health

May 6, 2015

John Hancock Retirement Plan Services (JHRPS), formerly known as New York Life, is providing a series of education resources during 2015 to help you learn more about financial wellness. This information includes live webinars, e-learning videos and more.

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Enhanced Investment Options Coming in July for 401(k) Plan Participants

May 5, 2015

Effective July 2, 2015, the Farm Credit Foundations Defined Contribution/401(k) Plan will offer an enhanced investment menu with funds categorized in tiers by investor type. The Plan will continue to offer a broad range of asset classes, but the tier structure of the funds will make it easier for you to review, assess and select your investments.

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When a family member has sleep apnea

Many times people with sleep apnea don’t know they have it. Unlike you, your family member may not hear the loud snoring or gasps for air—you’re probably the first one to notice the signs of sleep apnea. Here’s how you can help: