John Hancock Personalized Retirement Advice

Get the Advice You Need With John Hancock Personalized Retirement Advice (Retirement Advice)

Retirement Advice was formerly known as OnTarget. The name is different, but the program is the same. 

Retirement Advice is a personalized, professionally managed approach to saving and investing. With Retirement Advice, you can turn over your investment decisions to professionals from Morningstar and John Hancock who will select your funds and rebalance them periodically to help keep you in line with your goals.  

You could expect to pay a personal financial advisor from 1.5% to 2% or more of your account balance per year for this type of service. Retirement Advice is less than one-third the cost. For example, a participant with a $100,000 balance would pay about $38 a month for the comfort of knowing professionals are making all the investment decisions.


Highlights of Retirement Advice

  • Create a personalized retirement savings strategy just for you

  • Select a suitable mix of funds

  • Periodically rebalance your investment mix to keep your strategy on track

  • Evaluate and change your strategy as your needs and goals evolve


Retirement Advice fees are withdrawn from accounts on a monthly basis. For example, here are monthly fees for sample account balances:

Account Balance Monthly Fee


















The fees are calculated based on the following schedule:

Account Balance Annual Rate

The first $0 to $50,000


The next $50,000


The next $150,000


All assets above $250,000



Enroll in Retirement Advice

To enroll in Retirement Advice, log in to your account at From the Menu click on Investment Strategies.

For more information about Retirement Advice, call 1-855-969-5737 and ask for a Personal Financial Services representative. John Hancock Retirement Plan Services Participant Service Center Representatives are available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. (Eastern) on New York Stock Exchange business days. To access your account online, log on to

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