Morningstar Retirement Manager

Online Advice Powered by Morningstar® Retirement Manager

If you do not have the time and expertise to manage and monitor your investing strategy on your own, try online advice via Morningstar. Morningstar gives you a personalized retirement strategy to help you answer the most important questions about retirement planning: How much should I save? How should I allocate my investments? You can access Morningstar Retirement Manager at anytime if you want updated advice as your circumstances change.

Online Advice provides free recommendations/suggestions specific to your situation for:

  • The amount you should be saving through your retirement plan
  • An appropriate asset mix
  • Specific investment selections
  • Drawdown strategy (if age 50+)

How to Access Morningstar

Morningstar Retirement Manager assesses your current situation and provides free online advice for asset allocation and fund selection. Log into your 401(k) account at and from the Menu click on Investment Strategies then move the slider to "have professionals select my funds for me."

The Online Advice module also provides access to Morningstar's Investment Research and Learning Station to help you review the investments in your plan and view educational articles and interactive tools.