Benefits Index

One of the objectives of the Benefits Philosophy shared by your employer, Farm Credit Foundations and the Plan Sponsor Committee is to offer competitive employee benefits. The results of the 2020 Benefit Index® have reaffirmed that your benefits package provides more value than the market average.

The primary focus of Benefit Index® is on the “Employer-Paid Value”. This is a key concept where certain benefits require employee contributions. Farm Credit focuses on the net value provided after employee contributions are considered rather than the “Total Value” before employee contributions. Think of a benefit that has great provisions, but if that benefit is paid for 100% by the employee, the employer isn’t really providing any financial value to the employee.    

The Benefit Index® is an Aon benchmarking tool that leverages a database of 1,000 US companies. It compares the new hire benefits package of Farm Credit employers to 20 agricultural and banking/lending organizations selected from Aon’s database. The average benefit value provided by this comparator group is assigned an index of 100. If a benefit is valued at 105, it has 5% more value than the average.

Before considering what employees contribute towards the cost of their benefits, the All Benefits Total Value (index of 104) is near the market average. However, because employee contribution requirements for FCF benefits are lower than benchmarks, the resulting net All Benefits Employer-Paid Value is materially better than market with an index of 111.

For highly-valued benefits, the Employer-Paid values are 15% to 22% greater than the market average. The retirement savings benefit (3% fixed contribution + 6% match) has an Employer-Paid Value of 122. The active medical plan Employer-Paid Value is 115.

Paid Time-Off benefits also contribute significantly to the All Benefits result. Time-off provisions vary by employer but are generally valued near the market average.

We are proud to offer a benefits package that provides more value than the market average as you are essential to our future success.