Important Dates

401(k) Cutoff Dates and Times

There might be circumstances when you want to change the amount you are contributing into your 401(k) account. To help you make sure the changes you make will take effect for a certain paycheck, you will want to know the cutoff dates and times in which all your changes much be completed.

2021 Cutoff Dates and Times

Time Card Schedule for Employees

The Time Pro schedule was created to help you keep track of when a pay period ends, date your paycheck will be issued, deadline to fill out your time electronically, date your manager must approve your time card and the exception time period for each paycheck.

2021 Workforce Management Schedule

Dayforce Deadlines for Payroll Changes

Changes to your address, state or federal tax withholdings or any other information in Dayforce must be keyed into the system. Therefore, there is a schedule to follow that allows for data to be open and closed within Dayforce.

2021 Dayforce Deadlines

Dayforce Deadline for HSA Changes

You can change your HSA contribution elections any time during the year. Your contribution change will be effective on the beginning of the next available pay period; e.g.; the 1st or the 16th. Changes MUST be requested prior to the deadline of the requested pay period.

2021 Dayforce Deadlines