Leave of Absence

Leaves of Absence of Six Months or Less

  • If you are away from work on an approved leave of absence of six months or less, you may be able to continue most benefits at the active subsidized rate until you return to work.

  • You are able to drop certain coverage for the duration of your coverage. At the end of your leave, coverage will be reinstated.

  • In addition, you may drop or add coverage due to a Qualifying Life Event. To drop coverage due to a leave of absence or a Qualifying Life Event:

    • Complete the Life Event Declaration in Dayforce. After you log in to Dayforce, look for the form under Benefits > Forms

    • Once the form has been submitted, an election window will open for you to make your benefit changes. This will be viewable under Benefits > Overview (click refresh if it is not displaying).

    • Your elections will not be processed until you click "Submit Enrollment".

    • After you submit your elections, review and print your confirmation statement.

    • Farm Credit Foundations will review all submitted changes within three business days. If an error is identified, you will be notified in the message center within Dayforce.

    • Review your pay advice to confirm you benefit deductions are reflecting accurately.

View more detail on benefit plans and payments.


Leaves of Absence Greater than Six Months

  • If you are on an approved leave of absence that lasts more than six months, you will generally be allowed to continue coverage by paying the full cost of the group rate for up to eighteen months.

  • Certain exceptions apply for LTD, Military and Workers Compensation Leaves.

View a summary of benefits during leaves of absence greater than six months.


A qualifying status change allows you to add or remove a dependent from your existing benefit coverage (as applicable). Any changes made to coverage must be consistent with the Qualified Status Change under IRS Section 125.


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