Long-Term Disability Insurance

Long Term Disability Overview

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Your employer provides you with LTD coverage equal to 66.67% of your total compensation to a maximum monthly benefit of $20,000. 

You automatically receive this coverage and do not need to enroll. 

LTD benefits begin after you have been disabled for six months (180 days). LTD benefits are offset by any disability benefits you receive from other sources, such as Social Security and Workers Compensation. 

Any benefit you receive will be increased each year you are disabled with a 3% cost-of-living adjustment (COLA). 

LTD Benefits Are Tax-Free Upon Receipt

Because long-term disability benefits are tax-free upon receipt, an after-tax deduction will be taken from your paycheck and your employer will “cancel out” your deduction with a reimbursement on the same paycheck.






Long-Term Disability Insurance ­— Class I
(For Employees Participating in a Defined Benefit Pension Plan)

$0.215 per $100

$0.215 per $100


Long-Term Disability Insurance ­— Class II
(For Employees Not Participating in a Defined Benefit Pension Plan)

$0.26 per $100

$0.26 per $100



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