Life/Disability Insurance

Employers participating in the Farm Credit Foundations benefit plans offer life insurance coverage for employees and their family members.

Visit to enroll and to elect your beneficiaries.


Life Insurance Calculator

Use the insurance needs calculator to estimate how much coverage you need to meet your future financial goals.

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Benefit Scout

Use Benefit Scout to enroll with more confidence

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Benefit Scout is an online decision support experience to help you decide what insurance options make sense for you and your family.

  1. Learn your options
    What's included and how they can help you.

  2. Answer questions
    Based on your answers, you are provided with a few recommended packages that make sense for you.

  3. Select coverage
    Get cost estimates with recommendations designed for you and your family

  4. Enroll with confidence
    You can enroll in additional coverage on
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What is evidence of insurability?

It is part of the insurance application process. Learn More ...