COVID-19 Support

Get Help from LifeWorks EAP

If you’re feeling stressed, having sleep problems or worrying about your budget, connect with LifeWorks confidentially:

A crisis or traumatic event can trigger overwhelming emotional responses. People are affected in their hearts and minds which can undermine healthy communities and social relationships at home and at work. Use the information below to support you through any of the stress and uncertainty you are experiencing.

If you are self-isolating

Whether you are self-isolating because you have symptoms, may have been exposed to someone with symptoms, or are choosing to stay at home to reduce your risk of exposure, your life will require some major temporary adjustments. These resources can help you maintain your well-being while you’re at home.

If you are self-isolating, please refer to recommendations from your local healthy authority for more information on the specific measures you should take.

If you are struggling while self-isolating, call LifeWorks for support from caring counselors 1-888-319-7819.

LifeWorks Webinars

Webinars that address the reality of the present situation and strategies to boost resilience through thought and daily habits:

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Caring for others

From kids’ cancelled classes to feelings of isolation due to social distancing or quarantine measures, caring for your friends, family, and loved ones during the COVID-19 outbreak may seem like a challenge. However, there are many ways to create routines, reach out, and stay connected during this difficult time.

Work and illness

The COVID-19 outbreak is a good reminder that no matter what communicable disease you have, it’s important not to spread it by coming into work when ill. If you are working from home due to COVID-19, be sure to check in regularly with your manager and keep an eye out for communications from your company to stay up to date. You should also be mindful of maintaining your well-being. The following resources might help with this: