COVID-19 Medical

CVS/Caremark Tips

Get free delivery* on Rx & other store essentials - Available on 1 to 2 day delivery when your prescription is ready for pickup.

Consider a 90-day Rx supply & early refills - Contact your CVS Pharmacy to learn if your prescriptions are eligible.

For the time being, the Farm Credit Foundations Medical Plan will cover 100% of testing and treatment costs for you and your eligible dependents at in-network providers. If you or your eligible dependent test positive for COVID-19 through a CDC-approved test, you will not be required to meet your deductible or out-of-pocket limit. 

  • 100% coverage for COVID-19 testing (includes antibody testing)

  • 100% coverage for COVID-19 related facility charges

  • 100% coverage for COVID-19 treatment

Postponed elective surgery?

If your doctor has postponed your scheduled elective surgery, ConsumerMedical can help you in a variety of ways.

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Virtual Visits from BCBSIL

Effective March 10, 2020, BCBSIL began covering telehealth “virtual” visits with in-network providers. This coverage benefit is in addition to the telehealth benefits currently offered by MDLIVE.

Covered telehealth visits include two-way, live interactive telephone communication and online digital consultations. These visits allow you to connect with your physician while reducing the risk of exposure to contagious viruses or further illness.