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While our current environment is likely causing general and financial stress among many of us - it’s important to remember that saving for your retirement is a long-term investment. Continuing to invest in a down market, can provide an opportunity for your retirement plan savings to actually buy more for less—and work to your advantage. When markets decline, remaining invested has often been a good strategy for long-term investors. Coronavirus and the Economy: What you need to know

Recorded John Hancock Webinar: Impact on the market and economy

John Hancock hosted a discussion on recent market volatility caused by the coronavirus outbreak. They offered their professional perspectives and answered some of the money related questions we’re all asking right now.

Dealing with Financial Stress


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SmartDollar May be Able to Help

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John Hancock Webinar Recordings

John Hancock provides useful information and resources on their webinars. Topics are focused on retirement, savings and your overall financial situation. You can watch a recorded version of past webinars using the links below. Once you complete the registration information, the recorded webinar will begin.