• Tips for Working Remotely

    March 11, 2021

    One thing that makes remote work so attractive for many people is the flexibility that it allows. However, without clear boundaries, people who work from home often allow work to creep into the time that should be reserved for relaxation, family, and other personal needs. On the flip side, some remote workers find that they have trouble keeping their personal lives from interfering with their work and affecting their work performance. Creating and maintaining effective boundaries between work and the rest of life is essential as you manage your schedule.

    Here are other suggestions to help you stay focused in your home office:

    Establish a workday routine. Many remote workers find that setting and sticking to a regular routine is helpful for maintaining focus. You may want to establish a schedule that's similar to one you'd have if you worked in an office. Begin and end work at the same time each day and take regular, scheduled breaks.

    Avoid multitasking. Don't try to get the laundry done or prepare dinner while also working on work tasks that require focus. But do take breaks from work. Many employees who work from home spend more concentrated time working on computers than they would in the office. Taking regular breaks, like getting up to stretch or taking a walk can actually increase your efficiency and reduce errors.

    Assess your home office. Is there enough room for all of the things you need? Do you have the right equipment? Is it physically separate from the activity of your home? Is it quiet enough for you to concentrate? Is your office ergonomically correct? Any of these things can affect your ability to focus. Your company may have guidelines and even consultants to help you with this.

    Get organized. Make a list of all the things you need in your home office, including files, equipment, and supplies, and think about what you'll need for specific projects—anything that you'd have available if you were at the office. When you have everything you need at hand, you'll find it easier to focus on your work.