Our Business Principles

Foundations was created with a central purpose – to help equip Farm Credit organizations to retain the best and compete for future talent.  To fulfill our role, we focus on four tenets that shape our business model and our behaviors:


​We are an

extension of

our owner’s



We live Farm Credit from the inside out. We are an extension of our owner’s business and exist to complement their internal HR management capabilities. We enjoy a strong partnership with our HR clients and the other professionals in the client businesses. These folks work with Foundations hand-in-hand to clarify and strengthen what Foundations does on their behalf, and how we do it. Working together we ensure that our offerings, processes and communications fit the Farm Credit culture and unique structure. We sit in the middle of that structure, and are blessed to be able to bring our knowledge, experience and passion to bear, and allow them to focus on their own high-value deliverables.


We are committed

to excellence in

each and everything

we do.


We are committed to excellence in each and everything we do. We ferret out the most useful data and best practice information, engage with best of class vendors, gather input from our clients, scour regulatory and compliance boundaries, and reach across our own internal disciplines to find the most effective solutions. We are diligent problem solvers. We are committed to excellence, and that demands integrated products, services and delivery vehicles woven into a menu of complementary HR solutions that represent value in the eyes of our clients and their employees.


We strive for

trusted and enduring relationships.

Trusted Partner

We know the CEOs and our HR clients by name. We have their photographs and maps of their territories on our walls. We understand what differentiates their organizations, we help guide their transitions and we cheer them on in their successes. We understand that employee benefits, compensation, paycheck statements, and personal data are all part of that relationship – their information has been entrusted to us. Dealing with a family catastrophe is scary and unfamiliar territory – we can help. We strive to balance economies of scale with Farm Credit resonance, and one-on-one, resonance counts. We strive for trusted and enduring relationships. We serve Farm Credit … one client, one employee at a time.


We are proud to

be part of the

Farm Credit family,

and are passionate

to do our part in

serving rural America.

Passion to Serve

Farm Credit Foundations is client-owned and client-driven. We exist because we serve Farm Credit. Our governance mirrors the governance structure and principles of organizations across the Farm Credit System. Our clients’ passion to serve rural America permeates everything we do. It’s something that a new Foundations team member assimilates to very quickly – Farm Credit is different. As a farmer-owned cooperative, decisions are carefully thought-through and measured differently. And partners are chosen carefully. We understand that the roots of Foundations lie at the heart of the cooperative model, and the collaboration and support we feel as part of this System would be impossible to “manufacture.”


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