How We Serve You

  • Bringing employers together in Farm Credit Foundations has created significant economies of scale, enabling all participating employers regardless of size to collectively gain negotiating power in the benefits marketplace. By consolidating our purchasing power, we can better manage the escalating costs of benefits and related services.  

  • Consolidation also brings savings through centralized operations/resources, pooling the plans’ investment assets, and having access to a broader set of HR-related expertise and services.  Employers could not achieve this level of savings or reach on their own.

  • Economies of scale allows our clients to provide a competitive benefits package with reputable HR services and health and wellness providers that are attractive and easy to communicate to plan participants. This creates a robust and attractive platform for current and future Farm Credit employees. 

  • Centralized administration also brings great economies of scale and significant risk reduction by ensuring compliance with plan documents and legislative requirements.

  • Having a center of excellence which manages all operations related to benefits and payroll creates greater consistency and reinforces a shared services culture that fits the Farm Credit values and culture.

  • Employers have access to a range of workforce management services on a user-pay basis. These services include compensation consulting, affirmative action plans, and an online performance management system that aligns performance objectives and reviews with salary administration. Foundations Consulting researches best practices in the human capital arena and offers employers customized services to audit their HR policies and environment, ensuring they are not only compliant, but competitive.

  • The Foundations team has experts on site across the full spectrum of HR benefits, operations and Foundations Consulting.  Employers and their employees have quick and easy access to answers across the full spectrum of services, from the routine questions, all the way to specialized problem solving support for those unique and often overwhelming situations.

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